Gardener's assistant

Website project providing easy access to the complex topic of fertilisation


  • conceptMartin Schneider, Stephan Klingner
  • design Tina Serowski
  • 2017 – ongoing project

This website aims to provide information about the ins and outs of fertilisation and recommend suitable products to amateur gardeners. In the first project phase we developed a web platform, including the basic functions - a landing page, a fertilisation calculator and a fertilisation lexicon, to test and advertise the product to a broader audience. My work is to design the visual appearance of the project, from making prototypes to defining and creating the look and feel of the website.


Low fidelity prototype of Fertilisation Calculator (MVP)

The aim of the calculator is to determine the quality of the gardeners soil and later recommend the appropriate fertiliser and when and how to use it. We designed a three-step questionnaire that the user has to go through to calculate the fertilisation requirements for their plants. I created the first slides in Sketch and animated the core interactions in Marvel.


High fidelity Prototype of Fertilisation Calculator

After reviewing the first prototype, we decided to break down the first module into smaller steps (a, b). At the same time, we inserted the illustration and tried various layouts to find a balance between a visual appealing design and good readibility. For the last step we added information boxes to introduce the user to more complex topics (c, d).


Prototyping modules: how to present the selection of fertilisation products

One of the core elements of the calculator is to recommend fertilisation products that the user can buy online. We sketched several layouts to see which one works best to make the selection process simple and easy to understand. We chose version 3 (v3 and v3-1) as is does not need extra transition into an overlay and reduces the steps that the user needs to change their selection.


Developing the design

For several years now, gardening and more self-sustainable living has been a popular topic in Germany. The potential target group, in regards to age, interest and prior knowledge about gardening, is diverse. The design should encourage both long-term experienced gardeners and novice gardeners to learn about the complex and scientific topic of fertilisation. While the modular layout of the website already helps to break down the complex information into smaller chunks, we wanted to create a friendly and colourful design to add some visual pleasure. Considering gardening is a leisure time acitivity, this product should provide fun for it's users.